For Tasting Bar Gourmet Jivara Pecan

A brand new combination of Grand Cru Jivara, chocolaty creamy milk chocolate coupled with crunchy caramelized pecans.

Product Information

With the creation of Jivarain 1995, Valrhona revolutionized the way we think about milk chocolate. This was the first chocolate of its kind to offer such a robust, cocoa-rich flavor. To create Jivara’sone-of-a-kind profile, Valrhona masterfully blended the aromatic profiles found in classic Ecuadorian and Ghanaian cocoas.

The sweetness of Jivara'smilky, malty notes delicately pairs with crunchy caramelised pecan slivers.


% of main ingredient

35% of Cocoa

Best by:

15 months


Cocoa 35% (min), Milk 19%, Pecan nuts 15%, Sugar 43%, Fat 41%

Packaging Format

120g bar - 33659