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By buying from Valrhona, you are choosing a responsible chocolate that is traceable and sourced directly from our producers. We constantly push back the limits of creativity, so that you can enjoy uniquely flavored, exceptional chocolates that are perfect as indulgent treats or for pastry-making.


A Dedication to excellence: La Mamounia crowned Best Hotel in the World 2021

Tête-à-tête with Chef Steve Thiery

Delighting guests with refinement for several years, we are proud to celebrate Chef Steve Thierry in this month Newsletter. La Mamounia has been named the best hotel in the world (2021) and the best hotel in Africa by the CondéNast Magazine for the 3rd time. Wearing proudly the high color of hospitality and Moroccan refinement, Executive Chef Pastry and Cercle V member Steve Thiery and his team keep on developing unique creations for the past 3 years. For him:

The ultimate secret is the quality of the products. Hence the choice of a partner who not only offers me a high-quality products, consistency and best practices - but a partner who is my ally in terms of taste, flavors and commitment towards a better future like Valhrona.

Passionate by the pastry world since a very young age, Steve realized soon enough that he wanted to transform his passion and potential into a full-time career. He started developing his techniques in ahigh-end bakery in Nancy – France, while already envisioning a career abroad. His focus led him to take over the pastry department for the Intercontinental Group in Tahiti for two years in 2006 followed by the St Regis Hotel in Bora Bora. This was an eye opener for Steve in terms of culture, exchange of knowledge and techniques.

Back in France, he took over the chocolate laboratory for Jean-Luc Pelé, one of the recent chocolatier sensation based in Cannes– before having his dreams come true by joining the team at Ladurée Paris. Ladurée is internationally recognized to be a true celebration of sweets and pastry innovation. Every moment of creation is an intense experience and he was honored to be part of the international development of the brand handling openings in Switzerland, Lebanon and Morocco. Steve fell in love with the country rich culture and heritage which led him to the iconic La Mamounia hotel in 2019, recognized by its peer to be the ultimate luxury destination.

Throughout my career, I have always worked with Valrhona that I consider the reference in terms of taste, quality of products and consistency, traceability, originality and ongoing research to develop techniques, best practices and unique savoir-faire throughout the years and the different range – keeping us inspired at all time.

Product highlight : Oabika

Oabika is a cocoa fruit juice concentrate, made from the still-undervalued white pulp that protects beans in the cocoa pod, also known as mucilage. Its nuanced aromatic profile, oscillating between fruity and tangy notes, instantly takes us to the heart of the plantations to discover the rare and exceptional taste of the fruit of the cocoa tree. Its syrupy texture and amber color make it an exceptional ingredient, the new key ingredient for chefs and artisans around the world.

Winner of the 2021 Sirha Innovation Award

Sirha innovation awards

Oabika was awarded a Sirha Innovation Award in the Products, Beverages and Ingredients category. This award is the result of a collaborative effort to create innovative products committed to reusing by-products of cocoa.