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By buying from Valrhona, you are choosing a responsible chocolate that is traceable and sourced directly from our producers. We constantly push back the limits of creativity, so that you can enjoy uniquely flavored, exceptional chocolates that are perfect as indulgent treats or for pastry-making.


Valrhona Food Forward Festival 

Throughout the year, Valrhona has been hosting the Food Forward Festival in eight cities around the world, bringing together chefs and talents to create a unique themed menu for each city. The festival, in partnership with GRAND CUISINE and GELINAZ, has celebrated Valrhona’s 100 years of inspiration, creativity and ethical gastronomy.

To mark the milestone event in Dubai, Valrhona invited a hand-picked selection of guests Cercle V and partners to an intimate dinner at Dubai’s National Reserve, giving them a sneak peek into the future of gastronomy and providing the brand with an opportunity to thank its clients for their loyalty, support and a shared sense of values.

Attendees savored dishes from acclaimed chefs Reif Othman, Kasper Kurdahl, Sahar Parham Al Awadi, Himanshu Saini and Frédéric Bau while mingling with the guests and partners from Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and India. The theme of the event was “Middle East Rising,” an ode to the rich flavors of the Levant and the Middle East. Indeed, Valrhona recognizes the growing trend for dishes from this region.

Product highlight : Oabika

Oabika is a cocoa fruit juice concentrate, made from the still-undervalued white pulp that protects beans in the cocoa pod, also known as mucilage. Its nuanced aromatic profile, oscillating between fruity and tangy notes, instantly takes us to the heart of the plantations to discover the rare and exceptional taste of the fruit of the cocoa tree. Its syrupy texture and amber color make it an exceptional ingredient, the new key ingredient for chefs and artisans around the world.

Winner of the 2021 Sirha Innovation Award

Sirha innovation awards

Oabika was awarded a Sirha Innovation Award in the Products, Beverages and Ingredients category. This award is the result of a collaborative effort to create innovative products committed to reusing by-products of cocoa.