An immersive experience in the world of chocolate in the heart of Paris


Valrhona opens a unique space in the heart of Paris. This new location, attached to L’École Valrhona Paris, offers you a unique experience at the center of the Valrhona world.
Pastry professionals and all chocolate lovers,  your are invited to cross the threshold of 47 rue des Archives and immerse yourself in the core of the Valrhona experience, discovering our history, commitments and expertise.

A new setting that encourages encounters and exchanges

professionnels pâtisserie Paris

A new go-to place for chefs

Whether visiting Paris or attending the adjacent École Valrhona, this new location is a true meeting place for chocolate professionals, where you can:

  • (Re)discover our wide variety of Grand Crusin the cocoa bean cellar, an opportunity to taste a large number of products
  • Benefit from one-on-one time with one of our experts, a personalized interaction where you can collaborate to create a customized couverture, for example. 
  • Showcase your work by offering limited edition creations for sale on the Chefs’ Stage.
  • Attend launches or events to get an exclusive preview of our latest innovations (products and services).
  • Book the space to organize your own event (new dessert creation, new menu or book launch, etc.).
fèves chocolat valrhona

An immersion in the world of chocolate

Gourmets and pastry lovers, come and live the full chocolate experience in a unique space. Join us at 47 rue des Archives to: 

  • Discover our aromatic palette of chocolates in all its diversity with personalized guided tasting sessions.
  • Get delicious drinks to go and enjoy them on a neighborhood stroll: from customized hot chocolate to cocktails made with infused cocoa shells. 
  • Get to know the world of Valrhona and our ethical commitments through a unique immersive experience in the heart of Paris.
  • Discover new chefs and artisans through the Chefs’ Stage program and taste their exclusive, limited-edition creations.
  • Buy Valrhona chocolate couvertures for your next gourmet creation, drawing inspiration from the recipe cards we provide for each product.
  • Get exclusive access to Grand Cru Single Origin chocolates that are only available at this location.

A new showcase for Valrhona’s commitments 

The cocoa bean cellar, (re)discovering the richness of chocolate

This unique chocolate library is the perfect place to discover the rich aromatic palette of Valrhona chocolates. 14 glass and stainless steel silos were custom-made and specially designed to preserve the chocolate’s quality. The cocoa beans will be protected from the light by a micro-perforated grate reminiscent of the baking sheets used in pastry making.

The cocoa bean cellar, (re)discovering the richness of chocolate

A special tasting experience

You can of course find iconic chocolates such as Guanaja 70%, Jivara 40%, Dulcey 32%, and Valrhona’s 100th anniversary chocolate, Komuntu 80%. There is also a selection of Single Origin chocolates revealing all the finesse and intensity of terroirs such as Venezuela, Brazil, or even Grenada. 

Exclusive, limited edition couvertures will be added to the cocoa bean cellar over the months to come. This fine selection, representative of our expertise in making couvertures, will evolve over time, revealing the aromatic profiles’ full richness.

This sensory space features a tasting table allowing you to test the different couvertures. Guided by a Valrhona expert, you will be able to enjoy a special tasting experience before choosing their favourite chocolate(s).

A special tasting experience

The art of mixology expands its horizons with cocoa

47 rue des Archives is home to a new cocoa mixology counter, featuring a menu of creative gourmet drinks that highlight Valrhona’s expertise and commitments. 

The first menu was created by Victor Delpierre, world champion barista and mixologist. His enthusiasm surpasses the boundaries of taste with a “gastronomic” vision of the cocktail: a true sensory and experiential journey in line with Valrhona’s identity and values. 

Are you a hot chocolate lover? Indulge yourself with three customizable hot chocolate drinks. An opportunity to discover the richness of aromatic profiles of Ground Chocolate Ghana - full-bodied and woody, with sweet and spicy notes - and Ground Chocolate Grenade - balanced, with ripe fruit and vanilla bean notes.

Two cold drinks, based on the “Gold of the pod”, will allow you to discover cocoa in all its forms. At Valrhona, the “Gold of the pod” is OABIKA, a cocoa juice concentrate derived from mucilage, the precious white pulp surrounding the cocoa bean in the pod.

The art of mixology expands its horizons with cocoa
Victor Delpierre

I've always been attracted to chocolate because as a child, I dreamed of becoming a pastry chef. Today, it is a privilege to design drinks for Valrhona, a committed and responsible brand with which I share many values. Cocktails have become my means of expression to please people and help them create memories. My approach is culinary and seasonal, a product of nature.

What I like about my job is the ability to mix different arts in order to imagine new combinations with unique tastes. For me, cocktails are “the cuisine of drinks®”: just as chefs cook food, I have fun “cooking” liquids to push the limits of taste and, above all, amaze the senses.

Victor Delpierre,
World champion barista and mixologist

The Chefs’ Stage: discovering the gastronomic talents of tomorrow

Over the years, we have developed a close relationship with chefs and artisans, guiding them in developing their talent and expertise on a daily basis.

Pop-up sales to honor promising young sweet cuisine professionals will be organized regularly, where they design a limited-edition gourmet creation available only for a few days. This Parisian showcase will also be open to chefs whose creations are currently only available in other regions of France.  

The chefs in residence will benefit from the proximity of L’École Valrhona, a true laboratory of creativity right next door, giving them the opportunity to produce or finalize their creations in professional laboratory kitchens. 

The Chefs’ Stage: discovering the gastronomic talents of tomorrow

Practical information

47 rue des Archives, 75003 Paris

Open Wednesday to Saturday from 11am to 7pm
and Sunday from 10am to 6p

Open to professionals on Mondays and Tuesdays by appointment.