For Baking Cooking Range Guanaja 70% dark chocolate

Guanaja’s forceful tanginess and its comforting notes of bitter cocoa nibs call and respond like the warm, harmonious tones of woodwind instruments intermingling with celebratory song and the gentle rhythm of a percussion section.

Flavor Profile Balanced

Secondary Notes Grilled

Hint of Bitter

Product Information

In 1986, Valrhona created the world’s most bitter chocolate, instantly setting a new benchmark for the industry. To create Guanaja’s unique flavor, Valrhona formulated a complex blend of the aromatic profiles found in classic cocoas from Trinidad, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Madagascar. The name Guanaja is a tribute to the first cocoa beans given to the first explorers who landed on Guanaja Island in 1502.


Optimal Application

Ice creams & sorbets

Recommended Applications

CoatingMouldingBarsCream mix & Ganache

% of main ingredient

70% of Cocoa

Best by:

14 months


Cocoa 70% (min), Sugar 28%, Fat 42%

Packaging Format

250g bean bag Guanaja - 31215
1kg bean bag Guanaja - 12386

Other feature(s)

Possible presence of nuts.