For Baking Cooking Range Caraïbe 66% dark chocolate

With its intensely bitter notes, woody highlights and hints of toasted nuts, Caraïbe leads you on an intoxicating dance through the cacao forest. 

Product Information

A remarkably bitter chocolate introduced two years after Guanaja in 1988, Caraïbe was an exceptionally well-balanced addition to the Mariages de Grands Crus collection of chocolates with truly enticing body and sweetness. Caraïbe and Guanaja are prime examples of how rich and complementary chocolate blends can be, which is why people often talk about Caraïbe as a "feminine" chocolate and say Guanaja has a more "masculine" profile.


Optimal Application

Coating – Ice creams & sorbets

Recommended Applications

MouldingBarsMousseCream mix & Ganache

% of main ingredient

67% of Cocoa

Best by:

14 months


Cocoa 67% (min), Sugar 32%, Fat 40%

Packaging Format

250g bean bag Caraïbe - 31209
1kg bean bag Caraïbe - 12387

Other feature(s)

Possible presence of nuts.