The Dominican Republic

Joba Arriba, Espaillat

Since 2015

Promotion of agroforestry through the Cacao Forest initiative Cacao Forest is a pioneering applied R&D project bringing together farmers, companies, researchers, consumers and NGOs to create innovative agricultural models that will improve cocoa quality, increase the productivity of cocoa trees and improve producers' quality of life while protecting the environment

Since 2020

Launch of Cacao Forest Phase 2 to scale up the project, in collaboration with the AFD (French Development Agency), the Dominican Government, the Dominican Cocoa Commission, and other partners

36 experimental plots

created with 23 producers in the regions of Duarte, San Cristobal and Espaillat

4 innovative agroforestry models

being tested

300 producers

will participate in Phase 2 of the Cacao Forest project