São Tomé and Principe

Morro Peixe, Lobata

Ever since its creation in 2010, SATOCAO has been on a mission to re-establish São Tomé and Príncipe's renown in the world of cocoa. After the company started its business activity in 2011, the average purchase price in the domestic market grew by 60% over 18 months, while the world cocoa price fell by 22% over the same period. SATOCAO has two strategic focuses: the renovation of cocoa farms and the active support of the country's small and medium sized producers. The company works to make cocoa farming a driver of development, to promote the country's terroir and its inhabitants' expertise and to build São Tomé's international standing thanks to the excellent quality of its cocoa. Our relationship with SATOCAO, formalized in 2018 through the signature of a long-term partnership agreement, is a key part of this approach.

Sao Tome cocoa SATOCAO

2018 Partnership signature

Length of partnership : 3 years Renewed in 2021 for 10 years.

Type of organization

Private company & producer association

2585 Producers

In 2022

Valrhona financed the construction of a drinking water fountain in the community of Ferreira Governo, serving more than 224 people.
Valrhona and SATOCAO support small-scale producers in improving their farming practices.


Project to support the redensification of plots for small and medium-sized producers: 24,000 cocoa plants financed over 3 years