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The Virtual Store - Find different sales universes and our promotion advices

The online store is a support tool to help professionals develop their product offering!

We offer a number of promotional ideas to complete your seasonal or permanent range, whether for your store or your hotel restaurant.
In just a few clicks, find our ready-to-use promo kits and discover our range ideas and suggestions for making your store lively and seasonal and keeping your customers engaged.


Professionals, liven up your sales areas

  • Discover 20 event suggestions to expand your boutique's product offering.
  • Click on a product line and view our turnkey activation kits.
  • Explore special ranges that will liven up your store.
  • Learn about lots of other ways to give your customers just what they want, all year round.

The Valrhona regulatory labeling service

Generate your own custom labels in just a few clicks with our online labeling module.

By producing labels that comply with food labeling requirements, this service makes your daily life easier.
Regulations related to consumer information are becoming increasingly strict. To accompany you, we provide a service allowing you to create labels that comply with European regulations. The creation of labels has never been so easy!

An exclusive and intuitive service:

  • Create your workshop to save all your legal information about your company, you will be able to use it with each new label!
  • All your invoiced references from the Vrac Valrhona Bulk range go back to your private space: all you have to do is add them to create your label.
  • Indicate the quantities you put in your assortment in grammage or number of pieces.
  • Fill in the necessary information to create your label. Generate the pdf ready to be printed!

Printed Valrhona, your printing service

Personalize and print all your communication tools!

Entirely customizable content!

This practical tool allows you to print all your necessary customized content: posters, decals, stickers, etc. Personalize your communication tools and receive them ready to be displayed in your store!

An exclusive and intuitive service for promoting the highlights of the year

Choose a theme, special occasion or type of tool. If you'd like to add a logo, choose the one you want to attach. Personalize the text on your tool: the name of your bar, a message to write on a poster, etc. Pay and then receive your tools ready to be displayed in your store.

*Please contact us to check availability of this service in your country

Valrhona Printing Service

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