From our very first meeting to the moment your chocolate makes its debut, we support you through every stage of the process so that, together, we can create a chocolate after your own heart.

Your bespoke chocolate

To make your bespoke recipe, we first look to identify your future chocolate’s technical and flavour characteristics. Once we have pinpointed your key markers, we select cocoa terroirs whose singular aromatic profile offers up a vast range of creative possibilities.

chocolats valrhona

We select the cocoa, blend the ingredients and share our expertise

But we don’t just blend the best ingredients – we work to find an optimal balance of each one so that it adapts to all your creative wishes as soon as you have it. We define the perfect recipe by trying out a variety of prototypes, and you will be able to both taste it and road test its application to confirm it’s just right for you.

Creating your own chocolate is also about expressing your story, feelings and creativity. This is why our teams will provide all the content you need to communicate seamlessly with your customers.



Personalized decorations

As a true partner of the gastronomy industry, Valrhona Signature gives you one-on-one help and recommendations on developing your own line of exclusive personalized chocolate decorations and molds.

Printed decorations

At Valrhona Signature, our personalization service gives you the freedom to achieve anything you can dream up. Our team of designers covers a wide range of unique talents and skills. These men and women are here to listen to your ideas and work with you to create your one-of-a-kind personalized decorations. From common requests to original 100% custom designs, they are ready to handle your personalization projects. While following your exact specifications, they can suggest fresh ideas and expert guidance as you find your distinctive style for creations with your own exclusive signature.

Gold and Silver

An exclusive Valrhona Signature, gold and silver decorations give your creations a precious and elegant touch, including delicate powder shakers, pre-cut gold flakes, and chiseled golden transfers. We offer a vast choice of solutions to add sparkle and flair to your creations.

Your personalized Moulds

Bars, bonbons, moulds for special occasions and events, Yule logs, the list goes on.

Express every side of your personality and let's work together to craft your mould's special shape and style.

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