Gandu, Bahia

Cocoa growing in Brazil

On the east coast of Brazil, the Bahia region is a land steeped in history and natural beauty. An ancestral tradition of cocoa production flourishes here, against the backdrop of spectacular landscapes where fine sandy beaches border lush tropical forests and green hills.
For centuries, Bahia's farmers have passionately cultivated their cocoa trees, a legacy of the first Portuguese settlers. The fertile soils and tropical climate provide an ideal environment for growing cocoa, allowing the beans to develop a distinctive aromatic profile with tangy and bitter notes.
Today, the Bahia region remains one of Brazil's leading cocoa producers with its precious harvests exported to the four corners of the globe, perpetuating an age-old tradition in the midst of breathtakingly beautiful scenery.

cacaoyer brésil M Libano

M. Libânio Agrícola a company founded in 1922 by Manoel Libânio da Silva Filho, owns eight plantations spanning a total of 2,298 hectares. For M. Libânio, sustainability is of vital concern, representing both a challenge and a major opportunity for driving business growth. With this in mind, the company has worked for years to train producers in good agricultural and environmental practices, promote agroforestry and protect primary forests. Today, the whole property is Rainforest Alliance certified


M. Libânio protects forests: Old growth forests represent 47% of the land available on our Brazilian partner's estate, 27% more than required under the country's forest law.

plantation brésil

2013 Partnership signature

Renewed in 2020 for 10 years

Exclusive right to the cocoa

from the Paineiras, Ladeira Grande, Petrolina Nova, Italia Limeira and São José plantations

168 employees

78 of whom live with their families on the plantations and have free access to drinking water and electricity!

It’s always a magnificent moment when you arrive at the M. Libânio plantations in the heart of the Mata Atlantica.
The spirit of M. Libânio is there to see throughout the ecosystem, in everything from the professionalism of the plantations’ management to the respect for people and, first and foremost, the care for the environment.

Cédric Robin, Valrhona's cocoa sourcer

2013 / 2014

Financing of technical equipment, including solar drying beds and bean sorting machines


Renovation of housing for employees and their families

2016 / 2017

Financing of a new training center


Investments to support production: purchase of a tractor, trailer and shredder for plantation maintenance

2019 - 2023

Support for the purchase of fertilizer in reasoned agriculture


Support for the maintenance of non-essential activities (including preventive medicine, maintaining employee homes and machine maintenance)


Taking inventory of the forest and calculating the domain’s carbon storage.
Identifying more than 165 plant species, 8 of which are considered threatened or almost threatened 

72 houses

renovated for employees' families

1 new training center

135 training sessions

carried out by M. Libânio on topics including health, workplace safety and environmental conservation