Cuvées range Limeira 50%

Limeira is distinguished by its initial strong cocoa taste and subtly sweet milky notes.

Flavor Profile Cocoa

Secondary Notes Bitter

Hint of Acidulous

Product Information

Valrhona has always traveled the world looking for the rarest cocoas. This is how the Cuvées du Sourceur - chocolates made from beans selected by Valrhona’s sourcing team - were created in 2008 for their unique aromatic profiles. They were made in response to a specific requirement, which was to offer professionals rare products that inspired them and allowed them to stand out. Cuvées du Sourceur are six exceptional chocolates released in limited quantities. Limeïra is the Cuvées du Sourceur range’s only milk chocolate couverture. It immediately stands out for its intense cocoa and milky, subtly sweet notes, which finally give way to a delicate bitterness and spicy notes of malt and cooked caramel.

In the province of Bahia in northeastern Brazil, the fertile valleys lining the Gandu River attracted pioneers from the 1910s onwards. Among these pioneers was Mr. Libânio, founder of M. Libânio Agrícola SA. The company, which has been a Valrhona partner since 2009, has recently implemented a completely new agroforestry technique on the Itália-Limeira farm. This environmentally friendly system consists of planting dominant trees such as fruit or rubber trees so they grow above smaller trees such as cacaos. This not only protects the region’s ecosystem, but also diversifies producers’ income.

Mr. Libânio’s spirit is evident throughout his plantations in the cutting-edge production techniques, professionalized plantation management and respect for people.


Sensory Profile

As it reveals its bitter cocoa-rich power and tanginess, Limeïra shows off its complex yet enchanting nature, like a flock of a thousand birds soaring over Brazil’s immense natural wilderness.


Limeira 50%'s Origins

Brazil Gandu, Bahia


13°44’36.1”S / 39°29’24.8”W


Optimal Application


Recommended Applications

CoatingMouldingMousseCream mix & GanacheIce creams & sorbets



% of main ingredient

50% of Cocoa

Best by:

12 months


Cocoa 50% (min), Milk 15%, Sugar 34%, Fat 40%

Packaging Format

1kg Block - 12829
50g Sample - 12948

Other feature(s)

This product may contain traces of nuts.