Cuvée Côte d'Ivoire 56%

Cuvées range Côte d'Ivoire 56%

Like the rich vegetation of Ivory Coast, this chocolate has surprising and intense cocoa notes, with hints of toasted coconut and a dash of milk.

Flavor Profile Cocoa-rich

Secondary Notes Toasted coconut

Hint of Creamy Milk

Product Information
Cacao Côte d'Ivoire Valrhona

Chocolate Sourcer's Cuvées

Exclusively available to Cercle V customers

Take the risk of excellence with unique single-origin couvertures, made from rare cocoa cultivated in the heart of small plantations. We have discovered and shaped these gems with unique and unexpected flavors, following encounters with men and women, the heartfelt choices for our sourcers, for unprecedented and promising terroirs. With the Sourcer's Cuvées, let your customers travel through a chocolate with an exceptional taste.

History of this partnership

Our cocoa comes from the Coopérative Agricole Persévérance de Dibobly-Guezon (or CAPEDIG), a member of ECOOKIM (Union des Sociétés Coopératives Kimbê (or ECOOKIM). ECOOKIM promotes and draws attention to the quality of its cocoa on the international market so it can further rural communities’ sustainable development. To help further its ambition to make the cocoa industry fairer and more sustainable, we have been working with ECOOKIM/CAPEDIG since 2014 and signed a partnership in 2018. ECOOKIM has pioneered cocoa with Fairtrade (2010), UTZ (2012), Rainforest Alliance (2014) and now Agriculture Biologique (2018) certifications in Ivory Coast.

Developing reasoned cocoa farming

Through our long-term partnership, Valrhona has taken part in numerous projects supporting a fair and sustainable local cocoa industry: access to education, training, diversifying incomes, access to water.
Along with the range of actions taking place to support producer communities, 100% of its plots have been geolocated and mapped since 2016 to ensure that no cocoa comes from a protected natural area.
This chocolate supports the cooperative's work to make cocoa farming environmentally friendly.

I’m very proud to support ECOOKIM, CAPEDIG and the producers’ ongoing hard work via this chocolate by promoting the cocoa that they grow.

Stéphane Sabourrin, Valrhona's cocoa Sourcer


Partner producer

Ivory Coast Ecookim / Capedig

Dibobly, Guémon 6°44’32”N / 7°0’44.2”W
Ecookim / Capedig Ivory Coast


% of main ingredient

56% of Cocoa

Best by:

18 months


cocoa beans from Ivory Coast*, cocoa butter*, whole MILK powder*, cane sugar*, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin*), vanilla*. (*) Product from Organic Farming

Packaging Format

1kg Block - 44772