Made with Blond® Dulcey 35%

RECIPE Original Recipe by Frédéric BAU

2 steps

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Dulcey 35% Whisky Cream

750g whole milk
100g glucose
20g caster sugar
5g pectin X58
1 vanilla bean
500g DULCEY 35%
250g very good whisky such as Macallan 25 Year Old

Mix together the milk, glucose, sugar, and pectin with the split and scraped vanilla bean. Bring to a boil, and then emulsify with the Dulcey by adding the boiling mixture in four goes and mixing with an immersion blender. Strain and leave to set overnight. Add the whisky and blend for a few seconds. Enjoy over ice! Gourmet tip: Add an extra 15% of Dulcey couverture to the recipe and turn it into a Dulcey Whisky Cream Namelaka and a moment of pure indulgent pleasure.

Ristretto Ice Cubes

25cl espresso coffee
20g sugar

Make some very strong espresso, add a very small amount of sugar, and make ice-cubes that you can crush before service.

Assembly and finishing

This is where your soul and your hidden bartending talents really come to the fore. Ristretto granita, milk foam made using a milk frother, whipping cream enriched with 20% milk to make it ultra-foamy and lower in fat, plain or flavored to suit your taste... This is a fantastic set of ingredients for you to play with! It’s just so good. And don’t forget the café gourmand option with the Namelaka version of the Whisky Cream, topped with a few pieces of ground coffee streuzel, a cloud of milk foam, and a delicious coffee.