Vegan Couverture Amatika 46%

Amatika is the first plant-based couverture Valrhona from the heart of Madagascar's plantations.

Flavor Profile Cocoa

Secondary Notes Cereals

Hint of Roasted Almonds

Product Information

With the birth of Amatika 46%, Valrhona has marked a milestone in the history of decadence by creating the first plant-based Grand Cru, with single Madagascar origin. As the result of passionate teamwork between sourcing teams, cacao producers, innovation and sensory experts and L’École Valrhona’s pastry chefs, Amatika 46% brings a singular sensory profile to contemporary vegan pastry-making, much like one might experience when tasting a milk chocolate and the typicity of the pure Madagascan cocoa that goes into it.

Amatika 46% combines the sweetness and creaminess of almond with the aromatic potency of Madagascan cacao. Unparalleled taste and texture to meet the needs and creativity of pastry chefs and artisans the world over. An outstanding plant-based ingredient, Amatika makes vegan pastry-making easy, delicious, accessible and ethical, offering you a vast range of potential flavors and textures and a great way to unleash your creativity.

Amatika brings a new plant-based alternative to the world of milk chocolate. The advantage is that it can be used like a non vegan chocolate as well. Whether for vegan uses or not, the notes of roasted almond will add an extra touch of indulgence to any creation.



The creamy texture of Amatika gives way to notes of cocoa, toasted almonds, and a hint of tanginess, reminiscent of a picnic in the peaceful ambiance of a Malagasy garden.


Partner producer


Andzavibe, Ambanja 13°36’44.4”S / 48°25’27.2”E


Optimal Application

Cream mix & Ganache

Recommended Applications

MouldingCoatingBarsMousseIce creams & sorbets


BananaLemon zestOrange blossomAlmond pastePeachGrand MarnierJasmine

% of main ingredient

46% of Cocoa

Best by:

12 months


sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa beans from Madagascar, ground ALMONDS 16.1%, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, natural vanilla extract

Packaging Format

3kg Block - 28074

Other feature(s)

Amatika 46% has been certified Vegan by the Vegetarian Association of France. This label guarantees that it contains no product of animal origin and does not use any such products across all phases of production.