Exceptional blends Orizaba 39%

Like milk from the mountaintops, Orizaba Lactée has purity and exquisite creaminess with intense lingering milky notes.

Flavor Profile Milky

Secondary Notes Farm Milk

Hint of Caramelized notes

Product Information

When it created Orizaba, Valrhona decided to expand its Assemblages d’Exception aromatic range, particularly in terms of milk chocolate. We made a chocolate with the same exceptional finesse and melting texture as milk from the mountains, with beautiful dairy notes. It comes from an assembly of two classic aromatic Brazilian and Madagascan cocoas. This unique blend has been a testament to our skill since 2008.

So that taste is always a source of inspiration, we have used a research-based co-creation approach to give each couverture a specific ambiance which will appeal to both your senses and your emotions.

Orizaba is a complex chocolate! We wanted to highlight the milk’s “animal” nature in a particularly melt-inthe-mouth and very fluid chocolate, the latter quality being another of its unique features.



Orizaba stands out for its melt-in-themouth texture and distinct farm-fresh milk notes, which carry you away across high mountain pastures on a tranquil summer breeze.


Optimal Application


Recommended Applications

MouldingBarsMousseCream mix & GanacheIce creams & sorbets


GrapefruitLimeOrangePineappleCardamomSafronetteStar aniseVanillaOlive oil

% of main ingredient

39% of Cocoa

Best by:

15 months


sugar, cocoa butter, dried skimmed MILK, cocoa beans, concentrated butter (MILK), emulsifier: sunflower lecithin

Packaging Format

3kg bean bag - 6640

Other feature(s)

This product may contain traces of nuts, egg proteins, and gluten.