Published on 3/8/23

Cercle V Calendar x Pavel Pavlov


This month, Pavel Pavlov, founder of La Fève, takes us eastwards to present his Cercle V Challenge creation. Check out his colorful giant Easter egg filled with all kinds of truffles. It comes with a wooden hammer to break it, releasing the delicious treasures hidden inside. 

“Our mission is to show that Bulgaria is a real home for genius and ingenious pastry chefs.”

It’s molded using Guanaja 70%, Azelia 35%, Jivara 40% and Ivoire 35%, and it contains eight truffles in strawberry, raspberry, Irish liqueur and hazelnut flavors. What a showcase for bright, sparkling, comforting color!

Pavel decided to express his artistry using Valrhona chocolate. “We can count on Valrhona. Ours is such a complex job, and very variable too, so we need to have a solid basis we can rely on. The possibilities are endless, as Valrhona’s indulgent, refined and raw flavors provide us with an incredible playground to explore!”