Published on 8/24/21

B The Change : Together, let's encourage short supply chains

Doing the job well means respecting people and the environment, first and foremost. This new “B the Change” program promotes 3 short supply chain initiatives, for a more responsible, ethical and seasonal gastronomy. 

Together, let's bring pastry and nature back together 

L'Ecole Valrhona celebrated its 30th birthday in 2019, marking 30 years of passion, innovation and excellence all in the service of creative, ethical gastronomy. Its commitment to pastry that tastes good and does good things has come into its own through our unparalleled collaboration with pastry chef Claire Heitzler, who is known for her commitment to and love for quality seasonal ingredients.


What was the aim behind this collaboration? We wanted to give professionals different ways to think about pastry-making so they could make their work sustainable and seasonal. Of course, it’s not about giving them a set of guidelines they can systematically apply. It’s about empowering each individual to absorb this philosophy in a way that suits their own hopes, beliefs, and business.
Out of this reflective work emerged a 130-page handbook entitled the “Reflective Guide to Ethical Pastry-Making”. It was designed to bring together in a single volume all the different environmentally-friendly initiatives and encounters we’ve seen and made. A captivating journey across France and beyond to meet producers committed to a vision for agriculture that respects the planet and prizes quality. It forms a sort of “portrait gallery” in which each expert demonstrates his or her own way of respecting the natural world.
The handbook ends with an immersive creative experience with recipes that respect both their ingredients and the seasons.
(Re)discover the pictures from our collaboration on our YouTube channel!

Highlight the richness and diversity of our regions

We went to meet Toque d’Auvergne member Matthieu Omont, who manages the Hôtel de France in Montmarault, in France’s Bourbonnais region.
One of the things that make his restaurant special is that it offers 100% local cuisine that is good for people and the environment. With this in mind, the chef always seeks out direct relationships with nearby producers, so that the restaurant really participates in local society and gets the freshest, tastiest quality produce. Another of his objectives is to manage the supply chain to cut out any middlemen.

As he puts it, “that’s what cooks do! The job’s about buying healthy ingredients and making everything on site.”

He has shared the philosophy behind his cuisine and his restaurant with us.

Facilitate supplying at a local level

Would you like to commit to making local, seasonal cuisine? Then check out Via Terroirs! This solution is aimed at gastronomy professionals who want to make their supply chains as direct as possible.

Via terroirs

It was created in Lyon in 2015 by co-founders Baudouin and Olivier to act as a collaborative platform where restaurateurs could get their supplies locally, straight from the producer. Via Terroirs’ first users were so thrilled to be able to work with suppliers that Baudouin and Olivier felt vindicated in their ambition and decided to expand their network.
Today, anyone working in catering, food and distribution can collaborate with their local producers. Via Terroirs supports regional food economies by guiding and actualizing every professional’s aim to commit to more sustainable, local agricultural and food industries.
 Via Terroirs has bases in the Lyon region, as well as Lorient and the Loire and Allier départements. We hope they’ll be able to expand throughout France very soon! To learn more and get involved, visit!

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