Published on 11/2/22

Together, let’s value 100% of our ingredients

Do you often throw out unsold bread, brioches or cakes at the end of the day? Unpredictable demand and unforeseeable problems combined with a short shelf life for certain pastries are all are a source of waste for bakers and pastry chefs.

Waste No Food

Food waste has a real impact on the environmental: Globally, 8% to 10% of greenhouse gas emissions are linked to food that has been thrown away.

Waste No Food - Crystal Chiu

Ingredients are valuable. Remembering this can spur innovative ideas to use every single ounce, gram or milliliter.  Recognizing how much vanilla beans cost, chef Crystal Chiu wanted to make the most out of this precious ingredient. Not only do Canlis use the beans, but they also save the skins to infuse into sugar or blend them into powders that can be used for other dishes, ensuring that absolutely nothing goes to waste. 

Eliminating food waste, the example of Crystal Chiu