Published on 10/1/22

Together, let’s reduce our waste

Packed pastry shop shelves are always alluring! However, keeping shelves constantly stocked often generates food waste. Globally, food waste costs the restaurant industry billions of dollars a year. This also translates into waste in terms of time, energy and money, and contributes to needless over-use of resources.

By reducing production, we’re cutting back not only the amount of resource we use, but on our unsold stock too! 

There are simple steps you can take to reduce food waste in your business:

  • Inventory optimization
  • Menu optimization
  • Reductions in production
  • Or offering doggy bags

Waste No Food - Jeffrey FINKELSTEIN

Jeffrey Finkelstein, from Hofksten has an effective policy for cutting kitchen waste:

We primarily bake to order, which is easier with our trade clients such as restaurants but for in-bakery items, every extra loaf of bread and pastry gets sent to a local community charity for young people. We are committed to supporting local causes so we can actually link our food waste with our community work.

Waste No Food