Recipe Vallauris  pottery

Vallauris pottery

Made with Oqo 73%

An original recipe by Gabriel Le Quang

5 steps

Makes 30 individual desserts

Recipe Step by Step



300g 35% milk chocolate and hazelnut gianduja
100g OQO 73%
45g Hazelnut paste
90g Crispy wafer flakes (Eclat d’or)
120g Crunchy dark chocolate pearls
1g Fleur de sel
656g Poids total Total weight 

Melt the gianduja.
Chop and calibrate the OQO couverture to obtain small nuggets about 4 mm big.
Gently mix all the ingredients using a rubber spatula and smooth out the crisp mixture into a 40 x 30-cm half-frame.
Allow to set in the refrigerator and cut into 30 inserts, 5.5 cm in diameter.
(You can re-spread the scraps for the next round).


180g Brown butter
180g OQO 73%
180g Egg whites 
110g Brown sugar
45g Almond flour 
75g Flour 
15g Cornstarch
785g Total weight 

Make the brown butter, leave to cool to around 60°C, then pour it over the OQO couverture.
Beat the egg whites with a third of the brown sugar, then fold in the remaining two thirds.
Using a rubber spatula, fold in the almond powder and then the flour and cornstarch mixture into the stiffly beaten egg whites.
Finish with the chocolate and brown butter mixture.
Spread out into a 40 x 30-cm half-frame and bake for 8 minutes at 180°C to keep moist.


95g Sugar
105g Glucose
200g Cream 
50g Milk 
50g Glucose
1 pièce Madagascan vanilla bean
70g Butter 
2g Fleur de sel
570g Total weight 

Caramelize the sugar with the glucose at 185°C.
Bring the cream, milk, and vanilla to a boil.
Deglaze the caramel with the cream and bring back to a rolling boil.
Strain and leave to cool to 40°C.
Mix with the butter and fleur de sel, then pour over the chocolate sponge in a 40 x 30-cm frame.


60g Whipping cream 
1 pièce Madagascan vanilla bean
16g Bloomed gelatin 
95g OPALYS 33%
55g JEgg yolks
55g Water 
7g Glucose
20g Milk powder
220g Whipping cream (for the whipped cream)
528g Total weigh

Heat the cream and infuse with the split and scraped vanilla bean.
Bring to a boil, add the bloomed gelatin, and emulsify over the chopped OPALYS 33% couverture. Blend.
Heat the egg yolks, water, glucose, and milk powder to 65°C, stirring constantly with a whisk.
Beat in the stand mixer until completely cool.
At 30°C, gently fold in the pâte à bombe and then the whipped cream into the ganache.
Pour into a 40 x 30-cm frame over the soft caramel.


140 g Cream 
140g Milk
140g Egg yolks 
75g Invert sugar
100g  MANJARI pure cocoa paste
235g ILLANKA 63%
670g Whipped cream 
1500g Total weight 
50g Weight per dessert

Make a crème anglaise with the milk, cream, egg yolks, and invert sugar, cooking it at 82°C.
Take the saucepan off the heat to stop cooking, and create an emulsion over the ILLANKA couverture and melted cocoa paste.
At 40°C, add the whipped cream and mold immediately.

Assembly and finishing

Recipe Vallauris  pottery


Turn out from the frame the assembly of the sponge, caramel, and vanilla mousse. 
Cut out 30 inserts, 5.5 cm in diameter, leaving as few scraps as possible. 
Place the ILLANKA mousse into silicone molds, then add the inserts. 
Add a touch of chocolate mousse if necessary, and finish the assembly with some of the crisp. 


As needed Cocoa butter
As needed ILLANKA 63%
Lemon juice
Vanilla powder

Spray the mini gateaux with black velvet made with 50% cocoa butter and 50% ILLANKA 63%. 
Cut a nice pear brunoise, add a dash of fresh lemon juice and a little vanilla powder. 
Bind this brunoise with a little Absolu Cristal glaze and garnish the center of the mini gateaux. 
Finish with a few Penta flower petals.