Kalingo Squares

Made with Kalingo 65%

Makes approx

5 steps

60 small cakes

Recipe Step by Step


Chocolate Viennois Sponge

170g egg yolks
453g whole eggs
354g caster sugar
283g egg whites
113g caster sugar
113g cake flour

Whip the yolks, whole eggs and the larger quantity of caster sugar in a free-standing mixer. Whip the whites and add the remaining sugar. Mix the whipped whites with the first mixture and then fold in the sifted flour and cocoa powder. Pour and spread evenly onto baking sheets. Bake at 230°C for around 6 minutes in a fan oven.

Banana Pineapple Confit

50g caster sugar
8g pectin NH
150g banana pulp
445g pineapple pulp

Mix the sugar with the pectin NH. Heat the fruit pulps and then add the sugar/pectin mixture at 40°C. Boil for one minute, and then set aside in the refrigerator.

Light Kalingo Mousse

5g gelatin
260g whole milk
519g whipping cream 35% fat
317g KALINGO 65%

Soak the gelatin in a large quantity of cold water and drain well. Bring the milk to a boil and add the gelatin. Pour around 1/3 of the hot liquid onto the partially melted couverture and whisk to obtain a smooth and glossy mixture with a certain elasticity, signifying the start of the emulsion process. Add the remaining milk whilst preserving this texture and process. When the chocolate mixture reaches 40/45°C, pour onto the whipped cream and use immediately.

Pepper Shortbread

220g salted butter
100g soft brown sugar
4g baking powder
50g cornstarch
300g all-purpose flour
2g black Sarawak pepper

Cut the chilled butter into small cubes. Sift together the dry ingredients. Add the finely-ground pepper (optional). Add the butter and process in a free-standing mixer using the paddle attachment. The mixture will become sandy and then form a dough. Stop mixing and set aside in the refrigerator or the freezer until ready to cook. Bake at 150/160°C with the damper open until golden.


700g KALINGO 65%
180g chopped roasted almonds

Melt the couverture and the cocoa butter to 40°C. Add the almonds and use.

Assembly and finishing

ASSEMBLY : Pour 725 g of Viennois Sponge onto each baking sheet. Bake at 230°C for around 6 minutes in a fan oven. Place a strip of sponge into a 40 x 60 cm frame. Spread 300 g of Banana Pineapple Confit on top, and then set aside in the freezer. Make the Light Mousse and add 500 g of it. Add a second strip of sponge and another 200 g of confit. Finish with 500 g Light Mousse, taking care to smooth the surface. Blast freeze. Cut the cakes into 5 x 5 cm squares and set aside in the freezer. Roll out the Shortbread to a thickness of 3 mm and set aside in the refrigerator. Cut into 5.5 x 5.5 cm squares. Bake at 160°C until golden.
FINISHING : Melt the coating mixture and then use a bamboo skewer to dip the cakes into the chocolate mixture, ensuring the smooth mousse side isn't coated. Immediately sprinkle with a few Valrhona chocolates (Crunchy Pearls, Equinoxe etc. ). Place the cakes mousse-side-down onto the Shortbread.
TIP : Cut out squares of different sizes to provide entremets serving 4/6 or 8 people.