Lollipops dark chocolate ''karna''

Made with Illanka 63%

Original Recipes From L’École Valrhona

1 step

Makes approx. 48 lollipops

Recipe Step by Step


Soft Illanka Caramel

320g whipping cream 35 % fat
120g Glucose DE 38/40
1g Fleur de sel
170g Caster sugar
60g ILLANKA 63%
75g Salted butter

Heat the cream with the glucose and salt. Meanwhile, make a light caramel with the sugar. Stop the cooking with the cream mixture. Reheat the mixture to 105-106°C (221-223°F) and then leave to cool to less than 75°C (167°F). Make an emulsion by gradually pouring the hot liquid onto the melted couverture. When it has cooled to 40°C (104°F), add the butter and blend.

Assembly and finishing

Use a piping bag to fill the lollipop molds with some tempered dark-chocolate couverture. Insert the sticks and then tap lightly. Turn them over and leave to drip for a moment or two before trimming. Leave to drip between two rulers and trim again before they harden. Leave to set.Make the caramel and fill the lollipops using a piping bag. Leave to set for 24 hours at 17°C (63°F) and 60% hygrometry. To ensure a firm join and full seal, melt the lollipop edges slightly using a heat gun and then press firmly together. Leave to set at 17°C (63°F) and then unmold.