Gourmet Chocolates Caramelia 36%

Soft, rich and voluptuous, Caramelia stands out with its rich milky flavor and compelling taste of salted butter caramel .

Flavor Profile Gourmet

Secondary Notes Salted Caramel

Product Information

With Caramelia, we have found a way to further enhance great milk chocolate with the indulgent delight of caramel. This tender, generously indulgent chocolate offers the perfect gateway to Valrhona’s other delicious products. 


Optimal Application


Recommended Applications

BarsMousseCream mix & GanacheIce creams & sorbets


CitrusExotic FruitsHazelnutPeanutCardamomCoffeeGingerNut megBiscuitSalted butterSesameShortbread

% of main ingredient

36% of Cocoa

Best by:

12 months


Cocoa 36% (min), Milk 33%, Sugar 50%, Fat 38%

Packaging Format

3kg bean bag - 7098

Other feature(s)

This product may contain traces of nuts.