Peanut William

Made with Caramelia 36%

Makes four 60 x 10 cm frames serving 16 people per length

6 steps

Recipe Step by Step


Moist Peanut Sponge

560g salted dry-roasted peanuts
450g superfine sugar
225g dry butter 84%
825g whole eggs
180g egg whites
110g superfine sugar

Chop the peanuts finely in a food processor. Add the sugar and the eggs and then whip the mixture. Add the softened butter towards the end. Meanwhile, whip the egg whites with the sugar. Carefully combine the two mixtures and then spread into a frame on a silicone mat on a baking sheet. Bake at 180°C for 15-18 minutes.

Pear Confit

1200g poire william puree
100g glucose
200g superfine sugar
30g pectin NH
80g superfine sugar
35g powdered gelatin
180g water
1200g poire william
25g lemon juice

Dice the pears and put them in a bowl of water with some lemon juice to stop them browning. Mix a little sugar with the pectin. Heat the pear puree with the glucose and the remaining sugar to 40°C, add the sugar and pectin mixture and bring to the boil. Add the diced pear and gelatin dissolved in some water. Bring to the boil once again. Finish by adding the fresh lemon juice and set aside in the fridge.

Basic Caramelia Ganache For “ Whipped Caramelia Ganache ”

440g whipping cream 35%
40g invert sugar
40g glucose
680g CARAMELIA 36%

Boil the cream with the invert sugar and the glucose. Slowly pour this boiling mixture onto the melted couverture and blend in the center to create a glossy and elastic core, indicating the emulsion process has begun. Continue mixing, gradually adding the liquid. Blend to perfect the emulsion.

Whipped Caramelia Ganache

1200g basic caramelia ganache
1200g whipping cream 35%

Weigh out the Basic Ganache and gradually add the cold whipping cream and process. Leave to set in the fridge, overnight if possible. Whip the mixture to obtain a suitable consistency for piping.

Gianduja Guanaja Glaze

400g whipping cream 35%
95g syrup at 30°B
65g glucose
175g GUANAJA 70%
55g grape seed oil

Boil the cream with the 30°B syrup and the glucose. Melt the couverture and the Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Gianduja with the grape seed oil. Start to create an emulsion by gradually pouring the hot liquid onto the couverture to create a glossy and elastic core. Add the liquid in three or four goes. Finish by blending the glaze to perfect the emulsion and remove any air bubbles. Leave to set in the fridge. Use at a temperature of around 35°C.

Bronze Sparkling Solution

5g alcohol 70°

Mix the ingredients together. Store in an airtight container.

Assembly and finishing

Assembly: Cut out lengths of Moist Peanut Sponge 8 cm wide and 57 cm long, and using a spatula, spread each one with a layer of around 700 g chilled Pear Confit. Blast freeze. Lightly whip the Whipped Caramelia Ganache and then immediately pipe on around 600 g per 60 x 10 cm frame. Immediately add the sponge insert, assembling the entremets upside-down. Blast freeze.Finishing: Use a blowtorch to gently heat the frame in order to unmold the entremets. Glaze immediately with the Gianduja Guanaja Glaze, tempered to a maximum of 35°C. Cut the entremets into portions and then use the Bronze Sparkling Solution to decorate: dip a knife into the Sparkling Solution and then carefully apply to the entremets to give a “ cut ” effect. Add a house logo.