Published on 10/17/23

Stella: the Chocolatier's Yule Log by L’École Valrhona - Christmas 2023

Stella: the chocolatier’s yule log, a delectable star perfect for the festive season

Romain Grzelczyk and Jordan Lamberet - both chocolatiers and chefs based at L’École Valrhona - are proud to unveil their latest creation: the Stella chocolate yule log. This delicious creation aims to give your customers some special shared moments and brighten up their table for the festive season.

A new concept combining tradition and modernity

Every year, L’École Valrhona makes original creations to inspire dessert gastronomy professionals. This approach is designed to encourage them to come up with innovative approaches and recipes that stand out from the crowd, while offering their customers indulgent new experiences.
For this year’s festive season, the chefs at L’École have broken away from the concept of the yule log as we know it to concoct a new format that totally rethinks the tasting experience associated with this traditional dessert.
This innovative approach translates into design and aesthetics with a strong visual impact, evoking the spirit of Christmas while adding a contemporary touch. The Stella log is made of a multitude of chocolate spheres and cones with a variety of fillings, and it is assembled to form a star to be served at the end of the meal.
This new creation also excels in how it reimagines ways of using the yule log. The Stella yule log is designed to radiate deliciousness all afternoon long so that everyone can enjoy a feast of a dessert in portions as large or small as they like. This creation doesn’t need to be kept in a cool place and it has a long shelf-life (of about 8 to 12 weeks, like a chocolate bonbon).

A star lighting the way to indulgent shared experiences

Stella: the Chocolatier's Yule Log by L’École Valrhona

The Stella chocolate yule log promises to add a touch of magic to the festive celebrations during unforgettable shared moments and a unique tasting experience.
The chefs at L’École took great care in selecting the ingredients for this new recipe. They used an assortment of four types of chocolate which is winning hearts for its striking, tantalizing look and taste. The chocolates in question are dark Tulakalum, Hukambi ombré milk couverture, white Opalys, and the delicious blond Dulcey.

Guests will be pleasantly surprised when they uncover the indulgent fillings hidden inside the various chocolate coatings. Pieces of caramel, marshmallow, crunchy praliné, nougat and plenty of other delicacies gradually reveal themselves with each bite. This array of flavors is enough to delight every last guest, and the possibilities for personalizing them are endless.

“We offer a concept that makers can adapt with their own assortment of chocolates and fillings, so that they can use the flavor combinations most likely to appeal to their clientèle.”

Romain Grzelczyk Chef, chocolatier and instructor at L’École Valrhona