Published on 4/3/23

Tête-à-tête with Chef Julien Mony

Chef Julien Mony's portrait

Born and raised in France, Julien developed a passion for food, especially pastry, during his childhood, influenced by his mother's kitchen cooking for family gatherings. After an internship in a pastry kitchen at the age of 14, he knew immediately what his future would be. Julien began studying confectionery at a very young age, obtaining a professional bakery diploma in three years, before his passion for working with chocolate, an essential complement to pastry, led him to obtain a chocolatier diploma in one year at the Ferrandi gastronomy school in Paris. He became a master chocolatier at the age of 21, after two years at the École de Paris des Métiers de la Table.

Curious about the world around him, his dream was to be able to pursue his passion abroad, while opening his mind to the world and learning new skills. Armed with a French cooking technique and years of experience, Julien was offered an opportunity in Dubai at the age of 21. This gifted pastry chef is now the pastry chef at Fouquet's Dubai at the age of 25.

Julien Mony's recipe

For Julien, his profession allows him to satisfy his desire to create, to revisit cakes and to try out new recipes with chocolate, decorations, sweets and showpieces. It offers unlimited creativity, endless possibilities when it comes to mixing flavours and textures, as well as the opportunity to work with the best quality products.

« I'm in love with Dulcey chocolate, one bite of it brings me back to my childhood with his incredible touch of caramelized biscuit flavour. »

« I’ve been using many different brands of chocolates during my career, today i feel lucky and proud to use Valrhona chocolates in my recipes, creations on daily basis, which for me reflect the excellence in terms of chocolate. »

We had a great time looking Julien in his kitchen of Fouquet’s Dubai preparing his elegant dessert « Fudge noisettes »: a nice declination of nuts through different preparations.