Single Origin Tulakalum 75%

Tulakalum 75%, pure Single Origin Belize. Tart, bitter & ripe fruit.

Flavor Profile Fruity

Secondary Notes Acidulous

Hint of Cocoa Nibs

Product Information

Tulakalum means “together” in Mayan dialect, and it was only thanks to collaborative efforts between our partner-producer Maya Mountain and our sourcing team that we were able to relaunch this exceptionally rare Belizean cocoa variety. Our flavor experts got to work so that you could enjoy this chocolate just as nature intended it. Because this was our aim, Tulakalum has a cocoa content of 75% and does not contain any lecithin. Its high fat content comes from its cocoa and offers an ideal texture for all kinds of pastrymaking and chocolatier’s applications, including coating. Our desire is to offer you the best of Belizean cocoa in a chocolate with a high cocoa content and a unique sensory profile.

The plantation in the heart of Belize produces cocoa exclusively for Valrhona. It was founded in the 1970s and planted up with a unique mixture of cacao varieties. It is the only cocoa plantation for miles around and is nestled in a valley known as “Yamwits”, which means “between the mountains” in the Cayo district’s Mayan dialect. Over the years, it has changed hands multiple times, been abandoned and left battered by cyclones, but its most recent owner, Henry Canton, has managed to preserve its unique cacao tree orchard and intends to develop it further. We signed a ten-year partnership to rehabilitate and develop it through a variety of different schemes. Together with our partners, we reconstructed the plantation’s infrastructure so that it could produce exceptional cocoa – which allowed us to create Tulakalum in 2019.

Tulakalum’s high cocoa content lends an astonishing chocolatey power to all kinds of applications, as well as investing them with delicate, complex aromatics.


Sensory Profil : 

Tulakalum’s nutty intensity and powerful cocoa nibs dreamily encapsulate the gorgeous biodiversity of Belize, an endlessly colorful country with rich culture and history.


Partner producer

Belize Hummingbird Citrus

Yamwits Valley, Cayo 17°7’55.5”N / 88°38’31.1”W


Optimal Application

Cream mix & Ganache

Recommended Applications

CoatingMouldingBarsMousseIce creams & sorbets


MangoPineappleSweet chestnutAniseAlmond pasteFlowersSesameViolet

% of main ingredient

75% of Cocoa

Best by:

18 months


cocoa beans from Belize, brown sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla

Packaging Format

3kg bean bag - 25295

Other feature(s)

This product may contain traces of nuts and soya proteins.