Published on 5/25/23

Tête-à-tête with Chef Dimitri Esposito

Dimitri Esposito

We had such a great time meeting Chef Dimitri Esposito, Executive Pastry Chef at the palatial Jumeirah Al Qasr hotel, part of the Jumeirah group in Dubai. Dimitri took over the position about a year ago and has more than 18 years of experience in the art of pastry and chocolate making to his role having been trained by globally renowned chefs. 

Born and raised in the heart of the well-known Provence, Marseille, Dimitri earned his degree in Advanced Technical Culinary Skills from Les compagnons Du Devoir in France where he gained valuable skills in pastry, chocolate making and gastronomy. 

Chef Dimitri Esposito

He began his professional career in 2004 at Mahieux in Brussels as Chef de Partie in the pastry department followed by the role of Chef de Partie in the Macaron department with SEVE by Richard Seve. Then, he made the move to Delice des Sens in Lyon with the award-winning Romaric Boiley. 
Dimitri then became the Sous Pastry Chef at Arts & Creations in Lyon and was mentored by Frederic Allard, the Vice World Champion of Ice Carving. 

Two years later, he moved to London and joined the Michelin-starred Lecture Room at sketch, headed by Pierre Gagnaire. In 2010, he became the Head Pastry Chef at L’oranger which then led him to take on a new role at Clos Maggiore, one of London’s most romantic fine-dining restaurants. 

In 2015, Chef Dimitri moved to St Petersburg in Russia to become the Executive Pastry Chef – Consultant at a French-inspired pastry shop in one of the most prestigious food halls in the city. Finally, prior to joining Jumeirah Group, Dimitri went back to London and was the Executive Pastry Chef at award-winning Duck & Waffle. 

Thanks to his fantastic background, Chef Dimitri brings a sense of versatility, creativity, and attention to details to ensure his passion for pastry is showcased through his creations, in terms of taste as well as presentation.

Chef Dimitri Esposito's recipe

Dimitri showed us his talent and vision of pastry through one of his last creations: the Hukambi Puff Waffle gathering two recent Valrhona innovations: the new “Ombré” chocolate Hukambi 53% bringing indulgence as well as intensity and Oabika for fruity, tangy notes.  The dessert is composed of a chocolate waffle, filled with a coriander and almond praline, and topped with an Hukambi ganache, a kalamansi-mandarine confit, Oabika drizzles and some fresh coriander sprouts. A fine, elegant and delightful snack by Chef Dimitri for everyone to enjoy !