Made with Ivoire 35%

An original recipe by Christophe Domange

5 steps

Makes 24 desserts.

Recipe Step by Step


Whipped Ivoire Ganache

300g whipping cream 35% fat
35g inverted sugar
35g glucose
1 Tahitian vanilla pod
2 timut pepper
445g IVOIRE 35%
500g whipping cream 35% fat

Bring the smaller quantity of cream to a boil, and infuse with the vanilla and pepper for 20 minutes. Strain and correct the weight if necessary. At 60°C (140°F), slowly pour the cream onto the melted chocolate, mixing until glossy and elastic in the center, signifying that the emulsion process is underway. Continue gradually adding the liquid. Blend to perfect the emulsion. Add the second quantity of chilled cream and blend again. Leave to set in the refrigerator, overnight if possible. Whip before using.

Raspberry Confit

235g raspberry pulp
5 lemon zests
250g raspberries

Blend the raspberry pulp with the glaze. Carefully combine with the zests and raspberries. Set aside in the refrigerator.

Sweet Almond Shortcrust

70g bry butter 84% fat
55g icing sugar
15g minced almonds
1g salt
30g whole eggs
35g all-purpose flour
100g all-purpose flour

Mix the softened butter with the salt, icing sugar, almonds, eggs and the smaller quantity of flour, taking care not to over-process. As soon as the mixture comes together, quickly add the remaining flour. Set aside in the refrigerator or use immediately. Bake at 150°C (302°F).

Pressed Ivoire Sweet Shortcrust

280g Sweet Almond Shortcrust
110g IVOIRE 35%
3 lemon zests

Chop the cooked Essentials Sweet Almond Shortcrust in a food processor and then add the Éclat d’Or, the melted chocolate and the lemon zests.

Spray Mix

300g IVOIRE 35%

Melt the ingredients together and temper to 30-32°C (86-90°F). Strain before using. For a velvety look, spray at 40-45°C (104-113°F) onto a frozen dessert.

Assembly and finishing

Make the Whipped Ivoire Ganache and the Raspberry Confit. Whip 500 g of the ganache until fluffy. Fill 5cm half-sphere silicone molds with 18g of the Whipped Ivoire ganache and blast freeze for a few minutes. Use a melon baller to hollow out the center of the Whipped Ivoire Ganache half-spheres, smooth over if necessary, and blast freeze. Place 18g of Pressed Ivoire Sweet Shortcrust in a 5cm ring and gently press down. Remove the ring and repeat as necessary. Store the discs in the freezer. Roll some crumbs of Pressed Ivoire Sweet Shortcrust in a little sparkling gold powder, and store in a dry place. Unmold the Whipped Ivoire Ganache half-spheres and place on the discs of Pressed Ivoire Sweet Shortcrust. Spray with the Ivoire Spray Mix for a velvety effect. For the chocolate decoration: Fill a piping bag with some tempered white chocolate. Pipe 5-6cm rings onto an acetate sheet. Sprinkle with pieces of Ivoire Sweet Shortcrust, add a second acetate sheet and flatten gently with a rolling pin. Leave to set. Whip the remaining 650 g of Ivoire Ganache, place in a piping bag with a plain 16mm nozzle and set aside in the refrigerator. Use a blob of ganache to fix a velvety disc on the center of the plate. Fill the center of a half-sphere with Raspberry Confit. Place a ring of chocolate on the half-sphere. Pipe a 25g droplet of Whipped Ivoire Ganache on top. Add some droplets of Raspberry Confit to the plate. Decorate the droplet with a few pieces of Ivoire Sweet Shortcrust and some crispy raspberries.