Soft Caramels

Made with Manjari 64%

An original recipe by Rémi Poisson

1 step

Makes two 34 x 4cm frames

Recipe Step by Step


Manjari Soft Caramel

120g water
450g Glucose DE 38/40
470g Caster sugar
740g Whipping cream
80g Invert sugar
150g Dry butter

Make a syrup with the water, glucose and sugar. Cook at 295°F (145°C). Deglaze with the hot cream and invert sugar mixture. Cook at 240°F (117°C). Off the heat, add the butter and the melted PURE PASTE. Mix thoroughly, then pour the results into a 6mm-tall frame placed over a silicone mat. Leave to set for 24 hours at 60°F (16°C).

Assembly and finishing

Use a slicing machine to cut the caramel blocks into 0.75 x 4.5cm sticks.
Wrap each caramel stick in paper or plastic.N. B: Based on your preferences, you can replace the MANJARI 100% PURE PASTE in this recipe, in equal proportions, with any one of Valrhona's pure pastes listed below:MACAÉ 100% PURE PASTE (25426)ALPACO 100% PURE PASTE (5569)ARAGUANI 100% PURE PASTE (5568)TAÏNORI 100% PURE PASTE (5570)