Made with Millot 74% - Pure Millot Plantation

By Nick Van Dooren

7 steps

Makes 32 portions

Recipe Step by Step



200 g Butter *

400 g Bread flour

160 g Confectioner’s sugar

34 g Cocoa powder

64 g Egg

3.4 g Salt

Cut the butter into pieces and place in the refrigerator.
Sift the flour, salt, cocoa powder and confectioner’s sugar and place in the mixer.
Add the chilled pieces of butter and incorporate them into the mixture.
Add the egg and continue mixing until the dough is smooth, then place in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.
Roll out the dough to 2 - 2.25 mm thickness and bake at 170°C for approx. 15 minutes.


140 g Heavy cream 36%

13 g Madagascan vanilla pods

42 g Egg yolks

80.5 g Fine sugar

0.28 g Salt

6 g Gelatin powder 200 Bloom

36 g Water

525 g Heavy cream 36%

Heat the cream (140 g) and the vanilla.
Gradually incorporate the cream into the egg sugar, salt mixture and heat to 82°C.
When it has reached 82°C, add the gelatin mixture and strain.
Allow to cool to 40°C.
Add the heavy cream whipped (525 g) to the mixture once cooled to 40°C or below.
Fill the quenelle molds with the mixture, 25 g per mold.


437.36 g Heavy cream 36% 1

53.01 g Egg yolks

32.78 g Egg whites

65.56 g Water

98.45 g Fine sugar

355.30 g MILLOT 74%

0.8 g Salt

120.23 g Milk

21 g Gelatin powder 200 Bloom

130 g Water

Beat the cream until firm, then place in the refrigerator.
Beat the egg yolk and egg whites together. Heat the water and sugar to 106°C.
Add the sugar syrup to the egg and, continue to beat until light and reached about 35°C.
Melt the chocolate at 50-55°C.
Bring the salted milk to a boil. Dissolve the gelatin in this hot milk.
Make an emulsion with the milk and chocolate. Combine this mixture with the half-sphere.
Then add the whipped cream to this mixture.
Pour into small, white, eclipse-shaped molds, push inside and add the chocolate sponge on top.
36 g of mousse per mold.
Pour the chocolate glaze on top.


135 g Heavy cream 36%

135 g Milk

15 g Freshly ground coffee

67.5 g Egg yolks

27 g Sugar

120 g MILLOT 74%

3 g Gelatin powder 200 Bloom

18 g Water

Bring the heavy cream, the milk and the coffee to a boil.
Mix the sugar and egg yolks, then add the boiling milk mixture.
Heat to 82°C, then dissolve the gelatin in the mixture.
Pour this mixture over the chocolate, then mix using an immersion blender.
Pour the mixture into small eclipse-shaped molds.
15 g per piece.


134.4 g Cold water

22.4 g Gelatin powder 200 Bloom

168 g Water

336 g Fine sugar

336 g Glucose

224 g Sweetened condensed milk

336 g MILLOT 74%

Soak the gelatin in the first portion of water.
Heat the second portion of water, sugar and glucose to 103°C.
Mix the condensed milk with the soaked gelatin.
Add the sweetened water and mix.
Melt the chocolate.
Add the hot mixture to the chocolate and mix well.
Mix with an immersion blender.


200 g Egg yolks

100 g Fine sugar

200 g Egg whites

100 g Fine sugar

1.4 g Salt

112 g Pastry flour

150 g Almond powder

48 g Cacao power

40 g Powdered cream

2 g Powdered vanilla

Bake with the “Sponge” setting (= 200°C/8 min).
Egg with + 1 part of sugarbeat till stiff, bit by bit, fold the stiff egg whites into the mix of beaten egg yolks +
almond powder, powdered cream and powdered vanilla + 1 part of sugar, until smooth.
Quickly incorporate the mix of flour, salt, and cacao powder.


275.2 g Apricot Purée

166.4 g Apricots dried

48 g Sugar

5.6 g Pectin X58

Bring to a boil the apricot purée and apricots dried, sliced in cubes.
Add the sugar and the pectin and cook for 3 minutes until a jelly forms. Spread 15 g per piece on top of the MILLOT 74% Coffee

Assembly and finishing

Make the chocolate glaze 24 hours in advance and store in the refrigerator until use. Then make the sponge, cut it into fine 0.5 cm slices and bake at 180°C. Then cut out disks with a 5.5 cm diameter cookie cutter. Make the chocolate shortbread dough, roll it out to 2.3 mm and cut out 7.5 cm biscuits. Bake at 165°C and coat in a mixture of 100 g of chocolate and 100 g of cocoa butter. Make the vanilla mousse, inject it into Pavoni PX073 molds (Quenelle) then freeze. Then, spray with a mixture of 100 g of ivory white chocolate, 100 g of cocoa butter and 5 g of white food coloring, splash with dark chocolate and put back in the freezer. Bring the coffee crémeux to a boil, pour 15 g per piece into the Silikomart SF164 mold (Globe) and return to the freezer. Bring the compote to a boil and spread 15 g per piece on top of the coffee crémeux, then return to the freezer. Next, fill the pastry includ (SF163 Silkomart) with the freshly made chocolate mousse, 26 g per piece, push the frozen cremeux into the center, top it of with dot of chocolate mousse. Cover with a slice of sponge and freeze. Heat the glaze to 35°C and remove any air with an immersion blender. Immediately pour the glaze onto the tartlets. Make a 5.5 x 5.5 cm decoration with orange chocolate, roll it on a 7 cm PVC tube and leave to set. Finally, place the decoration on the tartlet, then a quenelle of vanilla mousse on top, and attach with a little chocolate.