Cercle V


Made with Millot 74% - Pure Millot Plantation

An original recipe by Rémi Montagne

2 steps

Makes 8 pieces

Recipe Step by Step


Galaxy Bunny Mold

Offer a variety of sizes in store with the Galaxy Bunny 7cm Egg trio ref. 32398 for younger food aficionados!

Ref.: 32565


700 g OPALYS 33%

Melt the ingredients together.
To give your spray mix a velvety finish, heat the mixture to 105-115°F (40-45°C) and spray it onto your frozen product. As long as you respect the tempering process for the couverture of your choice, you can use these recipes to give your artistic creations or assemblies a smooth, shiny finish.

Assembly and finishing


1000g OPALYS spray mix
1600g MILLOT 74%

Use some tempered MILLOT couverture to mold the Galaxy Bunny eggs (ref. 32565), one 7.5cm egg (ref. 3733), and some 3cm spheres (ref. 3727), 4.8cm spheres (ref. 3728) and 7.1cm spheres (ref 3729).
Turn out and leave the couverture to spread for a few moments, then smooth away any excess.
Drain the molds by holding them suspended over two rulers. Before setting is complete, trim away any excess, then mold again. Tap the mold to get the thickness you require.
Leave to set in the refrigerator then store at 60°F (17°C) until the chocolate is ready to slip out of its mold.
Stick the Galaxy Bunny eggs, the eggs and the half-spheres together by melting each one’s edges on a hot surface at 135-140°F
(58-60°C) so that they seal firmly.
Leave to set.
Stick three 4.8cm spheres onto a 7.1cm half-sphere.
Between them, attach on three 3cm spheres at random.
Leave to set, then coat the whole structure in tempered MILLOT couverture.
Sprinkle on some grated chocolate.
Melt the top and the base of the eggs, then cover it again with couverture and use an air-blower to create textures.
Leave the structure in the refrigerator for approx. 15 minutes.
Spray with the tempered white spray mix to give it a velvety finish.
Stick the egg into the center of the piece then stick the Galaxy Bunny Egg on top.
Solidify the structure by adding reinforcement points.