Tulakalum Chocolate Bonbons

Made with Tulakalum 75%

An original recipe by Pierre Abi Haila

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Recipe Step by Step


Tulakalum Ganache

375g Cream
50g inverted sugar
55g Extra dry butter

Heat the cream and inverted sugar. Pour gradually over the melted chocolate and emulsify. Mix with a hand blender to perfect the emulsion. Add the diced butter at 95- 104°F (35-40°C). Let the ganache temper down to 82,4°F (28/29°C) and fill the dark chocolate hollow forms with a pastry piping bag. Leave to crystallize 24 hours at 62,6°F (17°C) and 60% hygrometry.

Assembly and finishing

Using Tulakalum chocolate, fill the half spheres then turn them over, whilst tapping the mould let the chocolate drip for a few seconds, smooth over and then leave to set.
Trim. Leave to set again.Use a piping bag to fill the half-spheres with the Tulakalum Ganache at a temperature of 82,4°F (28/29°C).
Leave to set for 24 hours at 62,6°F (17°C) and 60% humidity.Use a heat gun to melt the edges of the half-spheres to ensure a perfect join then using tempered Tulakalum close the moulds.
Leave to crystallize at 62,6°F (17°C) and 60% hygrometry before unmolding.