Sweet Spices

Exceptional blends Extra Bitter 61%

This Extra Bitter Grand Cru Blend is a well-balanced combination of powerful cocoa beans that results in a full-bodied and powerful chocolate.

Flavor Profile Sweet Spices

Secondary Notes Dry Fruits

Hint of Coconut

Product Information

Launched in the 1960s, Extra Bitter is one of the iconic products on which Valrhona’s reputation has been founded. Over the years, this fine blended chocolate has become a benchmark appreciated by many pastry professionals. Extra Bitter takes its name from the fact that, with 61% cocoa content, it was the bitterest chocolate in the Valrhona range at the time of its launch. Although this changed with the arrival of the revolutionary Guanaja, Extra Bitter has retained its widely recognized name. 

Extra Bitter is a subtle blend of cocoa aromatic profiles typical of the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Madagascar, Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana. These profiles are blended to obtain Extra Bitter’s unique and consistent flavor, which is both chocolatey and intense. This blend, impeccably produced since its creation is a showcase for genuine prowess and skill. 

This chocolate is part of Valrhona’s history. Three words sum it up: Reliability, consistency and flexibility.



Extra Bitter’s notes of vanilla, fleshy coconut and slightly bitter cocoa conjure up the fiery heat of the wind blowing over desert dunes. 


Optimal Application


Recommended Applications

MouldingBarsMousseCream mix & GanacheIce creams & sorbets



% of main ingredient

61% of Cocoa

Best by:

18 months


cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, natural vanilla extract

Packaging Format

3kg bean bag - 4657
3x1kg Blocks - 100
12kg box - 19846

Other feature(s)

This product may contain traces of nuts.