CERCLE V CALENDAR x Anthony Le Gouez

To mark the start of the month, we are proud to present the Cercle V 2022 dessert for July. It has certainly met with success! Anthony Legouez is committed to offering indulgent but low-sugar pastries that respect the seasons.

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Together, let’s improve well-being at work!

Staff turnover can cost businesses a lot of money! So how can we maintain our team over the long term?
A number of factors come into play, including adopting a progressive approach to salaries and tips and offering better working conditions to improve recruitment and retention.

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Check out the dessert selected especially by you for June in the CercleV 2022 Calendar. It was created by Marc Dambra, co-manager and pastry chef at the fine pastry shop Candiz By M in Haillan, near Bordeaux.

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Preserving the soil and flavors

Participating in sustainable sectors also involves preserving and identifying new tastes and cocoa varieties that are part of the national heritage of our partner countries. These projects help create jobs in rural areas and boost the agricultural sector.

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Improving living and working conditions

Understanding the needs of our farmers is at the heart of what our team does every day. These needs come from our partners
who we rely on to make sure our activities are relevant and legitimate.

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Education and combatting child labor in Venezuela

Child labor is a major problem facing the entire cocoa and chocolate sector. Due to our belief that to have the greatest impact any action must be collective, we joined the International Cocoa Initiative (ICI) in 2017. The ICI is a foundation dedicated to protecting children in cocoa-growing comm...

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Valrhona unveils its 1st Mission Report

We want to inspire a collective movement that unites everyone in the cocoa, chocolate and culinary industries around a fair, sustainable cocoa sector and gastronomy which tastes great, looks great and does great things for the world. Find out more about our commitments and actions in our 2021 mis...

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Committed gastronomy across the world: our subsidiaries in action

Whether in Spain, Japan, China, South Africa, Asia-Pacific or Italy, Valrhona's subsidiaries are involved in the field, carrying out projects in partnership with gastronomy professionals and with local associations.

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Together, let’s support local craftsmanship

Setting an example and forging local links are essential ways to make our businesses sustainable and prosperous. They build customer and staff loyalty, but they also mean people will appreciate the products we offer all the more.

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Cercle V member Adam Cleal creates the OABIKA Coffee Float

Cercle V member Paula Stakelum creates the OABIKA Legend

Discover this unique recipe made with our cocoa fruit juice concentrate OABIKA and the bespoke couverture Ashford Castle created with Valrhona: LEGEND with a 55% cocoa content, for a rich milk chocolate tasting experience.

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