Published on 1/15/24

Cercle V x Gabriel Le Quang calendar

Gabriel le Qang

For the first portrait of the year, we are delighted to showcase Gabriel Le Quang, MOF Pâtissier-Confiseur 2023, and his innovative creation: the Ceramic of Vallauris.

The Chef drew inspiration from our new Oqo 73% cover with whole cocoa beans, creating a masterpiece that blends unique textures and flavors. The crispy base of Oqo 73% combines with a soft hazelnut butter biscuit and a tender caramel. The sweetness is balanced by the lightness of vanilla and Illanka 63% mousses, and enhanced by the freshness of a brunoise of pears, caviar lime, and Meyer lemon.

More than just a dessert, this entremet is an expression of the pastry arts where each component harmonizes to enhance the qualities of Valrhona chocolate. Gabriel Le Quang, with his Ceramic of Vallauris, illustrates the excellence of French pastry and a passion for innovation. A true pleasure for the senses, celebrating the perfect union of tradition and creativity.

Patisserie Gabriel Le Quang - Céramique de Vallauris