Published on 2/15/24

Cercle V Calendar x Lucila Canero

Lucila Canero

I was seduced by the texture and intensity of the Oqo cover, which guided all my inspiration for this dessert. Lucila Canero, Pastry Chef at La Luciérnaga, passionately expresses the essence of her pastry work, "Oqo-rrence."

The Chef, known for her innovative approach and mastery of flavors, presents a dessert that is a sensory journey through the seasons. "Oqo-rrence" is a dazzling blend of textures and tastes.

She first paints the plate with melted Oqo 73%, creating a rich and textured base. The Oqo 73% genoise, soft and intense, is then complemented by a cream of carrots and persimmons, bringing autumn warmth and freshness. Fresh fruits such as figs, raspberries, and persimmons, as well as carrots and sansho leaves, add layers of complexity. The finishing touch is provided by a quenelle of Oqo 73% sorbet and a cocoa mousse, enriching the dish with deep and bold nuances. Inspired by the fruity and slightly bitter texture of the chocolate, the Chef creates a tasting experience that reflects her artistic vision and pays homage to the richness of Madagascar's terroir.