Published on 4/26/22

Together, let’s support local craftsmanship

A cafe, restaurant or shop can be the beating heart of any community! Being a positive influence on your local community often leads to social, economic and environmental benefits, for example enabling better recycling services by banding together with others who need collections. Donating time, space, or money, can enhance a business’s positive impact on their neighborhood.

Setting an example and forging local links are essential ways to make our businesses sustainable and prosperous. They build customer and staff loyalty, but they also mean people will appreciate the products we offer all the more.

Support The Community

Maxime Frédéric, pastry chef at Cheval Blanc Paris understood this when he decided to support his local economy.

Personally, I think that craftsmanship, work and rewarding work are all very important values. We support the local economy, from our porcelain to our terracotta to our woodwork. 

No company grows in isolation and everyone can contribute to a dynamic environment.

Support The Community