Published on 4/4/22

Together, let’s make pastry healthier!

Healthy eating means looking after our nutritional needs and being careful about where our food comes from. Once innate, our long-neglected understanding of healthy diets has become a part of all our mindsets.

“Avoid too much fat, too much sugar and too much salt,” is advice we’ve all heard.

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Together, let’s make pastry healthier!

Don’t forget that indulgence can also be part of a healthy diet. What’s more, chefs do their bit with the ingredients they select.

Amber is a gastronomic French restaurant in Hong Kong with a menu that celebrates pure taste. Its original approach to gastronomy is dairy-free and includes very little refined sugar and less salt. Diners enjoy natural ingredients, free from any added artifice.

For Amber’s pastry chef Valentin Mille :

“sweet treats should always be a pleasure, but one enjoyed in moderation”.

This approach is changing the luxury gastronomy paradigm, paving the way for progressive desserts for discerning connoisseurs, made of ethically produced ingredients.

At the heart of Hong Kong’s Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Amber proves that luxury and sustainable development can co-exist. By minimizing waste, reducing plastic, selecting natural and traceable ingredients, banning plastic straws and recycling, the restaurant has committed to and found its place at environmentalism’s cutting edge.

Valentin Mille demonstrates that you can enjoy yourself at the same time as looking after your own and the planet’s health.

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