Published on 6/5/22

Together, let’s improve well-being at work!

Bakeries, patisseries and restaurant kitchens can be physically demanding places to work. Anti-social hours and high-pressure environments, alongside often low salaries can make a long-term career in the world of sweet gastronomy seem unappealing.

Supporting a positive staff culture helps foster a fulfilling place of work for all and makes hospitality a more attractive career prospect, meaning talented individuals can thrive. 

Treat All Staff Fairly

Staff turnover can cost businesses a lot of money! So how can we maintain our team over the long term? A number of factors come into play, including adopting a progressive approach to salaries and tips and offering better working conditions to improve recruitment and retention.

Together, let’s make our teams’ work meaningful

At Liber Art, a Japanese canteen and a French patisserie located in Annecy, France, pastry chef Franck Moulard is focusing on the values he shares with people:

It’s very important that our employees share our values. When we’re hiring a new person, it’s our responsibility to talk about the company’s values. For us, those values are both environmental and social. For example, we cover public transport costs because we prefer our staff to avoid driving to work (where possible).

A company’s values are its DNA. They’re what let us create a big, beautiful family.

Treat all staff fairly