Published on 2/8/23

Cercle V Calendar x Bastien Guiral

Bastien Guiral

Bastien Guiral, kitchen laboratory chef at the Stéphane Marin pastry & chocolate shop, gave us a behind-the-scenes look at his Chocolat & Caramel Tart, which won the Cercle V Challenge celebrating Valrhona’s 100th anniversary.

“As restaurant pastry chefs, we are constantly trying to break new ground for pastry-making.”

Thanks to its contrasting textures and original taste and look, this dessert has something for everyone, no matter their age!
Classic sweet pastry case, thin praliné crunch, Nyangbo 68% chocolate crémeux, chocolate sponge with brownie mix and a runny caramel middle, all topped off with a Caramélia 64% whipped ganache and a cocoa nib tuile.

For Bastien, Valrhona is the obvious choice. He chose the company “for the crazy level of service that comes with the Essentials, the well-designed recipes, the variety and the quality ingredients. I’m personally invested in the ethical side of Valrhona's chocolates [...] and we’re very interested in L’École too. It allows us as craftsmen to keep learning while we use Valrhona products.”


Creation Bastien Guiral