Published on 8/1/22

CERCLE V CALENDAR x Aux Saveurs d’Antan

Aux Saveurs d'Antan

For the month of August, we are proud to present a dessert by the Aux Saveurs d'Antan bakery, one of the winners named in the CercleV 2022 calendar. Passionate about pastry, the Prodhommes opened their pastry shop and bakery 8 years ago.

Their pastry is characterized by a remarkable attention to both seasonal ingredients and their customers’ requirements, as the bakery offers gluten-free products. They told us that “the secret is to listen to positive and negative feedback”.

Using Valrhona chocolate was a no-brainer: “The brand is one of the first suppliers we chose. Our knowledge of and curiosity about ranges and new products help us to have fun and be creative.”

The “Couleurs d’Automne” dessert they presented to the competition was a whole-team effort. It is made of a crispy shortbread, a fresh-flavored mango cream and a Jivara 40% namelaka that gives it a really comforting feel. Mousse and fresh mango pieces top off the ensemble.

"Tarte aux trois saveurs", par Mathieu-Déborah ​​​​​​​Prodhomme, Boulangerie aux Saveurs d'Antan