Published on 11/8/22



We’re nearing the end of our Cercle V 2022 calendar with chef Sven Walton’s dessert.

Sven and his partner Ariane Hensh are master confectioners and co-managers of the Confiserieharmonie, a fine artisanal pâtisserie located in Hattingen, near Düsseldorf in Germany.

From confectionery to tartlets, macarons and even small cakes, all their creations are made from seasonal ingredients. Everything is homemade on site.

They like working with Valrhona’s chocolates because of their quality and traceability, but they also appreciate the subtle taste of Norohyvanille vanilla pods.

For the Cercle V competition, Sven and Ariane chose an ethereal and super-light tiramisu. It has a low-fat mousse made from vanilla mascarpone, glazed with a Valrhona chocolate glossy coating, on a base of almond biscuits steeped in coffee.