Published on 3/3/21

B The Change : Together, let’s move towards zero waste

Rethinking our delivery methods by using reusable packaging

If we want to make sure food professionals are no longer responsible for their partner-suppliers’ waste, we strongly believe that our economy needs to be circular!

This is why, here at Valrhona, we have launched an initiative which aims to distribute couverture chocolates in reusable, refundable containers, rather than our usual disposable packaging.éro-Déchet

We have been road-testing the concept with seven Lyon-based customers since December 2020. Our ambition is to extend the experiment in 2021 to include 100 customers in the city, before moving on to a national rollout.

How to minimize food wastage, by Chef Reif Othman – Dubai Reif Othman

Could you please introduce yourself? 
My name is Reif Othman and I am a Dubai-based chef and restaurateur from Singapore, who is a little bit of a maverick. My cooking forte, I believe, is adding a playful and witty twist to Far-Eastern cuisine.

Could you tell us a little more about your commitment? 
We operate our restaurants with a sustainable ethos. For instance, the first bottle of tap-filtered still and sparkling water is complimentary – whilst all straws are made from reusable metal. Our staff uniforms use recycled material, and we have a state-of-the-art air filtering system that follows global Covid-19 recommendations.

Could you tell us what you are doing specifically on the theme of zero waste? And how does this translate in concrete terms in your establishment? 
To minimise food wastage, I believe in knowing your product and using it wisely. For instance, all parts of the animal and vegetables are used, such as the chicken, with the neck to the liver and bone all utilised. Any extra ingredients are also used to develop dishes for our specials board. This approach also helps manage our food costs. Specifically for Valrhona, we hardly have any wastage as we only use what is required for our recipes.

Do you have any advice to give to a colleague who would like to do the same? 
Be creative when developing new recipes and engineering your a la carte and specials menus, by using the whole produce.

Creating uniforms and accessories from recycled plastic bottles for professionals – the zero waste idea by DGrade

DGrade was established in 2010 supplying sustainable clothing, including uniforms and accessories, made from recycled plastic bottles.

In 2017 DGrade expanded its offering to include the recovery of plastic bottles through its #SimplyBottles recycling initiative. Working with events, schools and businesses DGrade supports organizations in closing the loop by collecting their plastic and recycling it into shirts, trousers, caps, bags and more.

DGrade's mission is to combat plastic pollution and provide a sustainable solution for clothing production which is made from DGrade's Greenspun yarn made from recycled plastic bottles. Compared to virgin polyester yarn Greenspun produces 55% fewer carbon emissions, uses 50% less energy, 20% less water and doesn't use oil. DGrade offers a full service solution from clothing design through to production according to customer specifications.

Based in the UAE, DGrade has clients around the globe with customers from small privately owned businesses through to large corporations across a wide array of industries including hospitality, FMCG, entertainment, consumer goods, banking, construction, hospitality and many more. Mainly servicing B2B clients, DGrade produces uniforms and clothing for companies both large and small. They can produce 200 different types of fabric for bulk orders, however they also have a variety of stock fabrics and caps on hand to fulfill smaller orders. DGrade's goal is to work with as many organisations as possible to increase recovery rates of plastic bottles and provide a sustainable alternative for uniform and merchandise procurement.

Sustainability is a growing concern for businesses and consumers. Consumers are demanding more from the cafes and restaurants they buy from, including wanting to know that they are doing their most to reduce pollution and be more sustainable. DGrade can support businesses with recycling their plastic and producing sustainable staff uniforms and other merchandise. This supports businesses in achieving their sustainability goals and meeting customer expectations.

To speak with DGrade about how they can support your business with sourcing sustainable uniforms and plastic recycling contact You can also follow DGrade on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram @dgradeclothing


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