Published on 1/12/21

Amatika 46% by Chiharu Kaneko - cheffe at Land&Monkeys Paris


Let’s start with a few questions:

1- Why veganism? How long have you been developing vegan pastries for? What do you love about plant-based pastry-making?
Five years ago, I watched a TV report which brought home to me how farm animals are treated and I’ve been working exclusively with vegan ingredients ever since. All the breakfast and dessert pastries, mini gateaux and savory dishes sold at Land&Monkeys are vegan. My ambition is to offer consumers a vegan alternative so they have the option of shaping their diet around their beliefs. 

2- How easy is Amatika to use? How is it different from a dark chocolate? What do you love about this chocolate? What does it mean to you? 
For me, Vegan Amatika chocolate is really well balanced – it’s neither too bitter nor too sweet. I’m able to use it as a substitute for both milk and dark chocolate. I especially love its subtle almond flavor and the way its aromas and cocoa blend together.

3- Tell us about your recipe:
"Le Monkï" is a crispy chocolate brownie surrounded by a chocolate macaroon, all garnished with a chocolate cream with jasmine tea, covered with a ganache mounted with orange blossom and sprinkled with crunch.