Published on 1/13/21

Amatika 46% by Toni Rodriguez - Spain

What inspired you to create this recipe?

I wanted to make some really enticing combinations that people of all ages would all love, whether they are connoisseurs or not. I wanted a milk chocolate with a tangy fruit and nut taste. I’m trying to uncover different variations which everyone can enjoy.

The chef’s perspective

Why did you choose these tasty flavor combinations for Amatika 46%?
Amatika includes almonds and an absolutely delicious chocolate flavor, so it slips down very easily. I think you’d be able to combine it with almost all fruit or nut combinations.

A technical tip for the end of the recipe

What’s the secret to your recipe?
You can switch the mandarins for any other tangy fruit (especially passion fruit juice) and the hazelnuts for peanut butter. They will completely transform your dessert!

What’s your recipe’s technical secret?
When I’m ready to mix together the mousse and meringue, I like to add the ganache gradually to the meringue, but you can also add the meringue (split into three batches) to the ganache.