White Chocolate

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With its classic ivory color, white chocolate always evokes sweet memories of days spent sharing treats. Its creamy, melt-in-the-mouth texture makes white chocolate a favorite among people of all ages. At Valrhona, white chocolate can also have a blonde hue and biscuit notes. Dulcey and Orelys chocolates both have this color.

What is white chocolate?

While dark and milk chocolate contain cocoa in the form of cocoa paste, white chocolate is made from cocoa butter. This natural fat extracted from the bean makes it a totally unique type of chocolate

Chocolat blanc Valrhona

White chocolate’s composition

As with dark or milk chocolate, the term “white chocolate” refers to a very specific product whose composition must meet certain criteria. To earn the name, the chocolate must contain at least 20% cocoa butter and 14% milk or cream.

Valrhona’s white chocolate contains the following ingredients:

  • Cocoa butter: at least 20% to give the chocolate its melting texture
  • whole milk powder for creaminess
  • sugar for extra indulgence
  • a touch of vanilla to bring out the aromas
  • sunflower lecithin, a natural emulsifier that ensures all the different ingredients are blended together homogeneously

As white chocolate’s composition suggests, the cocoa taste is marginal. Instead, people love its creamy taste and texture, as well as its milky and vanilla notes. All this means it can be used in different ways.

Using white chocolate

In the absence of cocoa paste, the chocolatey flavor gives way to delicious dairy notes. White chocolate therefore pairs perfectly with other aromas, such as vanilla, coconut, citrus fruits, verbena and red fruits.

At Valrhona, recipes are developed after one or two years of research by R&D engineers, with the help of our sensory analysis panel. The ingredients are carefully dosed to give each white chocolate its uniqueness and aromatic complexity.

Our white chocolates are particularly loved for their strong cocoa butter taste and subtle sweet notes.

White chocolate is also behind the creation of Dulcey blond chocolate, a fourth chocolate color invented by Valrhona.

White chocolate for tasting and snacking

Real connoisseurs will gladly look to white chocolate when they want something to enjoy as it is. We all remember white chocolate sticks or bars from our childhood, and they are always counted among the sweet treats we can all love.

Those of us who love white chocolate can enjoy a bar of Ivoire chocolate, for example, a delicious, creamily textured and flavored white chocolate with raspberry pieces.

Using white chocolate in pastry-making

White chocolate is a precious ally to pastry chefs. Cocoa butter is very good at locking onto other flavors and can be combined with a multitude of them. It is particularly widely used in macaron fillings.

Chocolat blanc à pâtisser

Chocolate and pastry professionals can also enjoy the ivory sweetness of white chocolate in the form of fèves and unleash their creativity as they invent all kinds of recipes.

White chocolate such as Valrhona’s Ivoire 35% is ideal for your ganaches, molding, coatings and crémeux. Thanks to its 35% cocoa butter content, it has the perfect shine and fluidity you need to work with it the way you want it.

Its ivory color is sought after by professionals who want to develop complex and creative recipes. Master chocolatiers who want to achieve an immaculate white look can also turn to Opalys white chocolate.

White chocolate recipe ideas

White chocolate’s smoothness and its fresh milk notes (subtly showcased by the flavor brought by the vanilla pods) make it a remarkable stage for your creativity. From crémeux to chocolate mousse and praliné-filled amuse-bouches, white chocolate works any way you want in your sweet snacks and plated desserts.

Visit Valrhona’s recipe catalog for your step-by-step guide. Many inspiring recipes such as Venus await you.