Rolled Iced Praliné 66% Log

Made with Noisette 66% - 7531

For 3 Large U log molds

4 steps

Recipe Step by Step


Viennese Sponge

240g egg yolks
640g whole eggs
500g caster sugar
400g egg whites
160g caster sugar
320g cake flour

In a food processor, beat the yolks, whole eggs and the larger quantity of caster sugar. Whip the egg whites and add the remaining sugar. Combine the whipped egg whites with the first mixture and then add the sifted flour. Pour the mixture onto a silicone mat and spread evenly. Bake at 230°C for around 6 minutes in a fan oven.

Praliné 66% Ice-Cream

2560g whole milk
145g skimmed milk powder
260g atomized glucose
215g caster sugar
17g ice-cream stabilizer
130g invert sugar
465g whipping cream 35% fat

Take a little of the sugar and combine with the stabilizer. Heat the milk to 25°C and then add the powdered milk. At 30°C, add the atomized glucose, sugar and invert sugar. At 40°C, add the whipping cream emulsified with the praliné. At 45°C, add the sugar/stabilizer mixture. Pasteurize at 85°C. Blend vigorously and chill rapidly in the machine or blast freeze. Leave to rest at 4°C for 4 - 12 hours. Churn and store at -10/-12°C.

Vanilla Syrup

950g mineral water
600g caster sugar
5 vanilla beans

Boil the water, sugar and the split and scraped vanilla beans. Set aside in the refrigerator.

Gold Absolu Glaze

75g water

Bring the Absolu Cristal glaze to the boil with the water, add the sparkling gold powder and blend. Spray immediately at around 80°C.

Assembly and finishing

Trim the edges of the sponge to a length of 52cm. Place the cakes on sheets of baking parchment and then feed each one with 500g Vanilla Syrup. Place the fed cakes in the freezer for around 10 minutes. Spread 900g of Praliné Ice-Cream on top and then pipe 180g of Crunchy Fruity Praliné directly onto the Praliné Ice-Cream. Return to the freezer forfive minutes. Roll the iced cakes and place in the U molds with the baking parchment. Use a baking sheet to press down slightly on the rolls to create flat base toprevent it from rolling. Blast freeze for one hour and then unmold. Pipe 450g of Praliné Ice-Cream in tear shapes at the bottom of the U mold and then immediately place the log on top. Press gently to squash thice-cream against the side of the mold. Blast freeze. Briefly run the molds under hot water to unmold the logs. Set aside in the freezer. Add a pinch of gold sparkling powder to the glaze and coat the logs, trimming to the desired size. Decorate with slightly curved discs of chocolate.