Hazelnut & Lemon Yule Log

Made with Bahibe 46%

An original recipe by Jérémy Del Var

8 steps

Makes 14 Yule logs 

Recipe Step by Step



50g Blanched almond flour
50g Raw hazelnut flour
100g Brown sugar
100g All-purpose flour
1g Fleur de sel
100g European-style butter
400g Total weight

Mix together the almond flour, hazelnut flour, brown sugar, sifted all-purpose flour and fleur de sel in a food
processor with the paddle attachment. Add the cold cubed butter until a dough forms.
Push the crumble through a sieve and bake at 300°F (150°C) for 18-20 minutes.


320g 30 Baume Syrup
210g Chopped hazelnuts
130g Maple syrup
115g Puffed rice
305 g JIVARA 40%
430g 60% Hazelnut Praliné
90g Roasted Hazelnut Pure Paste
100g Toasted rice
5g Fleur de sel
290g Almond & hazelnut crumble
225g Crispy wheat flake cereal
2220g Total weight

Pour the boiling syrup over the slivered almonds and leave to soak for 20 minutes.
Drain the almonds, spread them on a baking tray then caramelize at 320°F (160°C) for approx. 25 mins.
Stir halfway through baking.
Mix the cold maple syrup with the puffed rice, spread on a baking tray and caramelize at 320°F (160°C)
for approx. 20 mins.
Stir halfway through baking.
Melt the chocolate at 105-115°F (40-45°C), add the praliné and hazelnut paste and combine this with the
caramelized mixture, crumble, crispy wheat flake cereal, toasted rice and fleur de sel.

RAW HAZELNUT DACQUOISE (makes one 60 × 40cm sheet)

395g Toasted hazelnut flour
395g Confectioner’s sugar
20g Cornstarch
1.5g Fine salt
500g Egg whites
38g Sugar
955g Total weight

Mix together the hazelnut flour, sugar, starch and salt.
Beat the egg whites to form stiff peaks, then beat in the sugar to stiffen them further.
Incorporate by hand into the previously mixed dry ingredients.
Cook at 355°F (180°C) for 15-20 minutes.


390g Lemon zest
585g Sugar
975g Lemon juice
1950g Total weigh

Zest the lemon with a peeler, then remove as much of the pith as possible.
Blanch three times, plunge into cold water, then cook the blanched zest with the sugar and lemon juice at 225°F (107°C) before blending.


680g Whole milk
650g Heavy cream 36%
3 Lemons
255g Egg yolk
80g Sugar
5g Gelatin 220 Bloom
25g Water for the gelatin
790 g BAHIBE 46%
265g Roasted Hazelnut Pure Paste
2750g Total weight

Boil the milk and cream and leave the lemon zests to infuse for 10 minutes.
Cook the cream, milk and yolks mixed with the sugar at 181°F (83°C), then add the gelatin.
Slowly combine with the chocolate, stirring with a spatula to start an emulsion, and mix using an immersion
blender to make a perfect emulsion.
Add the hazelnut paste.
Leave to cool at 115°F (45°C) and mix.


297g Heavy cream 36%
33g Liquid glucose
33g Cremsucre Paste
6g Organic Madagascan vanilla bean
358 g BAHIBE 46%
450g Heavy cream 36%
1172.5g Total weight

Heat up the smaller portion of cream, glucose, cremsucre (invert sugar) and vanilla.
Gradually combine the hot mixture with the partially melted chocolate, taking care to form a smooth emulsion.
Immediately mix using an immersion blender to make a perfect emulsion.
Add the second portion of cold cream.
Mix with the blender again.
Leave to set in the refrigerator, preferably for 12 hours.


500 g BAHIBE 46%
50g Cocoa butter
30g Grape seed oil
150g Crunchy chopped hazelnuts
730g Total weight

Melt the chocolate along with the cocoa butter and add the oil and chopped crunchy hazelnuts.
Use at 95°F (35°C).


200g Absolu Cristal Neutral Glaze
70g 100% Femminello lemon purée
As needed Organic Madagascan vanilla bean paste
As needed Mini Gold Squares - 1.5mm
270g Total weight

Mix all the ingredients together while cold.

Assembly and finishing

As needed Milk chocolate oak leaf

Spread 1700g of hazelnut chocolate crisp in a 60cm × 40cm (3.5cm deep) frame, put on the sheet of dacquoise, then spread on 800g of lemon
confit followed by 2600g of hazelnut Bahibe crémeux.
Cut the dessert into 27.5 × 5cm rectangles (1 frame = 14 logs), then use a St-Honoré nozzle or piping bag with a hole at the tip to pipe on the Bahibe
hazelnut whipped ganache.

Finishing touches:
Using a spray gun, coat the ganache with the Absolu Cristal glaze and 10% water.
Dip the log in the rock mix heated to 95°F (35°C) so it is soaked right up to the top of its frame.
Make dabs of lemon gel in the hollows of the whipped ganache, and add some hazelnut slivers.
Finish with some Chocolatree oak leaf chocolate decorations.