Recipe Reggio Emilia

Reggio Emilia

Made with Oqo 73%

An original recipe by Leif Besselmann

3 steps

Makes 130 servings 20x20-mm chocolate bonbons 

Recipe Step by Step



190g Granulated sugar 
7g Yellow pectin
80g Water
90g Balsamico (I)
33g Atomized glucose
2g Fruit acid
2g Balsamico (II)
404g Total weight

Mix 50g of granulated sugar with the yellow pectin and then heat with the Balsamico (I).
Mix the remaining granulated sugar with the atomized glucose and gradually add to the Balsamico (I).
Now cook to 106°C, add the fruit acid and Balsamico (II), mix well, and pour into a frame 2 mm high.


228g Whipping cream 35%
50g Glucose 45° (I)
140g Granulated sugar
40g Glucose 45° (II)
30g Water
80g IVOIRE 35%
568g Total weight

Bring the whipping cream to a boil with the glucose (I).
Boil the glucose (II), granulated sugar, and water to make the caramel (185°C).
Now, add the whipping cream and heat again to 107°C. Remove from the heat, add the Ivoire and stir thoroughly.
Carefully spread over the jelly and peel off to create an even layer.


400g Whipping cream 35%
8g Fleur de sel
140g Parmigiano Reggiano (18 months)
80g Glucose DE 60
900g IVOIRE 35%
80g Clarified melted butter
1608g Total weight

Bring the cream, salt, and grated Parmigiano Reggiano to a boil and allow to infuse briefly.
Whip the cream mixture using a hand blender, strain, and add the glucose.
Gradually incorporate the still hot cream mixture into the couverture to make a creamy ganache and emulsify very well.
At 37°C, add the butter, then pour onto the caramel at approx. 30°C and smooth it out.

Assembly and finishing

Recipe Reggio Emilia


As needed OQO 73 % 
Leave the frame with the layers to set for at least 24 hours at 19°C. Carefully cover the top and bottom with the still overly-warm OQO chocolate couverture. Then cut into 20 x 20-mm squares. Once the chocolate bonbons have been cut, separate them and allow to stand individually at the same temperature for another 8-12 hours. The glaze is made with extra bitter couverture, and the OQO couverture is used to apply decorative elements to the coated chocolates. Decorate the chocolates with Parmigiano Reggiano and Balsamico